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X-rays in the Digital Age

In office equipment, telephones, home entertainment and cars — digital technology is everywhere. Dentists are using digital technology to provide even better dental care and offer more accurate diagnoses. You still have to pose for an image of your teeth.

But digital technology lets a dentist capture that image instantly on a computer and enlarge it to almost any size. If a dentist wants to copy your x-ray, with your consent, it can be printed or e-mailed anywhere in the world in just a fraction of a second.

Because digital x-rays are saved, stored and shared electronically, your dentist may cut down on paper files. That could mean no more file cabinets filled with paper files and out-dated x-ray films. This efficiency is another reason why digital x-rays are the choice of many of today’s dentists. Today’s advancements in digital technology are making life and dentistry better for everyone.